Ray Hoffman L. Ac.
West Caldwell, NJ

We sought Ray's help with our 8 year old son who has ADHD. Not only is Ray's bedside manner very relaxing and calming for children, we see noticeable differences in our son's behavior after he is seen.  We were worried that our son wouldn't like the treatment, but we were surprised and happy that he likes getting the treatment itself.  And, we like how much more manageable he is during and after the sessions.   NR, Montclair

I have had three challenges greatly mitigated by Ray Hoffman - headaches, pain in the knee, and bladder infections.  Thanks to his remarkable skills, these problems no longer interfere significantly with my life.  I have remarkable health and activity for a 76-year-old, often walking two miles at a time.    CF, Montclair

Tonight our Temple choir participated in a large and wonderful event with a number of community choirs.  It was more fun that I've had with music in a long time.  Because of Ray (and his needles!), I was able to participate fully--and it was an amazing evening!
Thank you SO much!!    
GB, Caldwell

My health has been remarkably better since I have been under the care of Ray Hoffman. I have not had the repeated dizzy spells I experienced before, and I have a remarkable amount of energy for someone with myasthenia gravis.  I have noticed a startling increase in strength that I can only attribute to the herbal formulas Ray is providing me. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  KP, Montclair
I went to Ray for help with fertility -- after a miscarriage and a couple of IUI treatments, I was looking for a gentler approach. Ray was wonderful. I looked forward to the visits, and to relaxing in his office during the treatment. I am pleased to announce that I'm the mom of healthy 4 month old baby boy twins; I worked with Ray before, during and after my first IVF procedure and it worked wonders. I look forward to introducing my boys to Ray for their own treatments; everyone from my mother to my husband enjoys working with Ray.      AT, Montclair

I had been training to try out for a semi-professional women's basketball league.  Thanks in part to Ray's help, the tryout went very well - and I made the training camp roster!  I want to thank him for all the work he's done with me thus far - it was a major major factor in my performance, and highly appreciated!
   EH, Montclair


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