Herbal Medicine
Ray Hoffman L. Ac.

What is Chinese herbal medicine?

During the course of your treatment, it may be useful to prescribe an herbal formula. Chinese medicine recognizes over 5,000 natural substances that are used to create formulas that are individually tailored to the particular needs of each patient. While acupuncture works to balance the Qi in your body, herbs are effective at supplementing what the body may be lacking. Thinking of your body as a river, acupuncture alters the flow, while herbs change the quality of the water itself.  Ideally, acupuncture and herbs are used together to enhance the outcome of treatment.   

Herbs can be taken in several ways:

MASS-PRODUCED PILLS OR TABLETS are good for a wide range of health concerns, and are the least expensive approach.

RAW HERBS are made into custom recipes that are given to the patient in raw form (bags of uncooked ingredients) and then prepared into a tea by the patient. This method is very effective - the essence of the ingredients is the freshest and most potent.  Many patients enjoy seeing the exotic looking ingredients and taking an active part in the preparation process.


VACUUM PACKED TEAS are cooked by a local herbal pharmacy and delivered to the patient at home, work, or my office. They are as effective as the raw herbs, yet save time for the busy patient.

GRANULES OR CAPSULES are herbs that are cooked and dried into powders that are then combined into custom formulas for each patient. Very convenient and also highly effective, they can be mixed with hot water as a tea, or taken in gelatin capsules.



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